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Steve white
The Philippines

Steve and Herlyn White

In 2017, while serving on the board of directors for North Shore Christian Fellowship in Haleiwa, Hawaii and being a recent widower, Steve was invited on a short-term mission trip to the islands of Boracay & Panay in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. The mission involved two Christian schools, numerous community feeding programs, and a pastoral training program. God touched Steve’s heart through the children and the community and he quickly realized that this is where he needed to be.

In 2018, Steve answered the call and moved to the Philippines acting as chaplain at both schools and leading various bible studies throughout the community. He was also involved in the feeding programs where he met his wife Herlyn, who had been leading the feeding programs for the previous five years. God had brought them together and established a family in 2019 with Herlyn’s daughter, Mikaella. Steve was blessed to finally be called dad!

In July 2020, during the midst of the pandemic, Steve was appointed as director of ministry for Boracay and Panay. Today, Steve & Herlyn serve nearly 900 Filipinos through the two schools, a college ministry for the indigenous tribe of the Ati, a construction ministry, community feedings, and a pastoral training program for the surrounding region. All with the heart of reaching the lost for Christ.