First Love International
Gloria Hsu

Clive and Gloria Hsu

Gloria and her husband, Clive, live in Taiwan where Clive teaches at Morrison Academy, the school where they grew up together. They have four boys ages 10-18. Gloria is co-founder of Pregnancy Support Center (PSC) in Taichung, a crisis pregnancy center, where she served for six years as director. She now counsels and journeys with English-speaking clients, women from all over the world living in Taiwan, who reach out to PSC needing help processing their unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. PSC offers them unconditional love, options, and support. Gloria practiced as a nurse practitioner for seven years and remains a registered nurse, working part-time in the school clinic. She is also a life coach, parent coach (Connected Families), and a certified facilitator of Circle of Security Parenting (COSP). Clive and Gloria’s youngest son has Down Syndrome and their family collaboratively started Xtra Love to raise awareness and to help support their son’s learning and therapy needs.