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MASA Ati School

MASA Ati School is just one of the many ways First Love International is compassionately surrounding the most vulnerable with wholistic, Jesus-saturated love. Located on an island of the Philippines, MASA is a Christian school specifically for the tribal Ati people group.

The Ati, the first inhabitants of Boracay, had been pushed out of that island to Panay by tourism. They are discriminated against by other Filipinos. Their children are bullied in the public schools and prevented from getting an education.

MASA Ati School seeks to provide not only the necessary education they are lacking, but a completely free education, to prevent the expense from being an obstacle. Additionally, daily, teachers and staff surround each student with love and care. This includes a nutritious meal, which may be the only meal they receive that day.

To learn more about the tribal Ati people or MASA Ati School and ways you can get involved, visit

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