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Strength Amidst Challenges

First Love serves some of the most exploited people in the world. Because of this, safety is of utmost priority for us and we are not able to share names, locations, and images of children together. But, we can tell you their stories.

Because they need to be told.

Stories of strength amidst challenges, like E*’s story.

E* is a 12-year-old studying at one of First Love’s schools. Despite facing tough times, she shines in both academics and athletics. E*’s life has been tough from the start; losing her mom when she was born and her dad starting a new family meant her grandma became her primary caregiver, but E* doesn’t let tough times bring her down. Since Grade 1, she’s always been one of the best students in her class, and now, as she gets ready to finish school, she is set to receive awards for her academic achievements.

Because of the education, love and care she has received, E* has excelled – and not just in academics. E* is also a star athlete. Last year, she impressed everyone with her gymnastics skills, making it to a major competition. This year, she performed impressively in swimming, representing her school at a Regional Meet!

E*’s life isn’t easy. Sometimes, her grandma struggles to find food for them, and they have to rely on family far away to help out. But E* doesn’t give up. With each challenge, she gets stronger and more determined to succeed.

E*’s story shows that no matter how tough life gets, with faith in God, determination, and the support of loved ones, you can overcome. She’s one example of how, through wholistic care and Jesus-saturated love, the most vulnerable can thrive!

*To keep E safe, we’re blurring her face and not listing her name.

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