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Resilient Strength: Meet Kelsey

Kelsey’s adolescent years were spent in one of our children’s homes in Kenya. Now in her adult years, her story continues to be marked with resilient strength.

Kelsey’s parents were not married when she was born and shortly after her birth, her father moved away and disappeared from Kelsey’s life. When Kelsey was 4 years old, her mother began living with another man, against her family’s wishes. Her mother gave birth to a baby boy who passed away after 3 months. After sharing that she was HIV positive, her mother passed away also. Kelsey was just 6 years old and continued to live with this man, but he denied her any access to her maternal relatives. He had no job and moved around from one place to another depending on friends for his needs.

There were many questions surrounding this time in Kelsey’s life. Neighbors and other concerned individuals came forward stating that they believed Kelsey was in need of care and protection. The local Children’s Office became involved and determined that Kelsey needed to be removed from her current situation. At the age of 10, the court placed Kelsey in a rescue center where she remained until she was placed in the care of First Love 2 years later.

When First Love staff first met Kelsey, her sad countenance spoke volumes about the hurt and confusion she had endured. They also observed a maturity in Kelsey that was beyond her young age. She was enrolled in Grade 5 at a local school and this maturity continued throughout her adolescence, becoming a motivating force in her achieving where she is today – in her final stages of becoming a teacher!

Kelsey has excelled academically, including speaking and writing in English. She is focused on earning her 4 year bachelor’s degree in both Early Childhood and High School Math. Currently, Kelsey is enjoying student teaching.

Kelsey standing in front of school bus.

Through all she’s experienced, Kelsey has developed a resilient strength. She has a tender and grateful heart, and has learned to be resourceful. Kelsey teaches us how to push past obstacles and persevere. She is an inspiration and is going to be a fantastic teacher!

She is an example of many of the children First Love works with who, through immersion in our holistic, caring, loving, Christian communities, thrive!

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