First Love International

Open & Closed Doors

Over the past year since I received the baton of leadership at First Love International, I’ve been hearing amazing, first-hand stories of dramatically transformed lives from around the world:

Remote villages hearing about Jesus for the first time

Abandoned children finding a loving home
Trafficked girls experiencing safety and new hope

Churches planted by kids who grew up in these Christ-centered children’s homes

And so many more…

Yet, amidst those stories, there is the reality of doing ministry in this broken world. I’ve also heard stories like these:

Initiatives don’t pan out like expected

Some children never turn the corner from the trauma they experienced

People with ulterior motives try to undermine fruitful ministry

And other hard stories…

But, the great news about First Love’s ministry is that we trust a God who works with both open and closed doors.
Surrounding the most vulnerable with wholistic, Jesus-saturated love means trusting God’s provision amidst closed and open doors. The work is hard and demands a lot, but each First Love ministry chooses to first, love.

In March 2024, I had a deeply moving experience of visiting all the ministries of First Love Kenya.  Watch this short video below.

Please pray for their protection, encouragement, and continued boldness in Kenya in the midst of open and closed doors.

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