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News from Ukraine

Our team members, Daniel and Janna, and most of those partnering with them, have returned to Ukraine. They are happy to be back and serving, but the Ukraine they once knew is much altered. Across the country, the war rages on and leaves crippling effects in its wake. Those most vulnerable are without means to rebuild and the continual stress and concern for air raids is palpable.

Daniel and Janna have found themselves needing to reinvent what it means to do ministry. They are facing this challenge with courageous strength and love, using their skills and passions to deepen relationships and meet some of the overwhelming needs around them. Two of their newest initiatives are construction projects to rebuild homes for the most vulnerable and launching a small business selling used English books, which are in high demand. 

There is still so much need in Ukraine. Your prayers are needed for the Ross’s and all those serving during this ongoing war, for safety, wisdom, and by God’s grace, peace to be restored to Ukraine.

Watch this video for a full update.
This includes a general overview of what the work God has done for the past 13 years as well as what is happening now and in the near future.  (Of note: also included is missile strike damage across the street and the piece of shrapnel that was lodged in their balcony window.)

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