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Together, we’ll see the most vulnerable thrive.
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First Love's monthly giving community

You're Invited to Join HeartStrings

Heartstrings is a collective of individuals who know that compassionate love can cross distances, languages, and cultures, touching hearts, caring for the whole person, and leading to incredible transformation.

Heartstrings is essential to First Love. We rely on monthly gifts as the engine that sustains us, filling any funding gaps and propelling our mission forward to see as many MVPs (most vulnerable people) thrive as possible.

Heartstrings enables us to support our partners with confidence and make the best long-term investments in the impoverished communities we serve.

Together, we can see the most vulnerable thrive.

Around the World, the Most Vulnerable are Hidden Away

The elderly disregarded.

People with disabilities abused and neglected.

Parents of children with disabilities considered a dishonor by their families and shunned from work places.

Young girls who are victims of trafficking.

Children and youth left as orphans as a result of war, illness, or poverty.

Ostracized people groups not permitted to be educated because of discrimination.

We're on a mission to change that.
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When you join HeartStrings, you’re investing in hope and compassion. You are impacting the lives of countless people around the world.

Families can remain intact.

Children and youth receive an education, a meal, and a safe, loving place to live. 

Women learn to read or learn a skill to earn an income.

Girls receive trauma counseling and start their journey of healing in a loving and safe environment. 

Communities embrace people with disabilities.

The most vulnerable thrive.

That's the power of your generosity.

HeartStrings Exclusives

We know you’re joining Heartstrings to surround the most vulnerable with wholistic, Jesus-saturated love, but here’s a few extras you’ll receive – like the “cherry on top.”

Join us and transform lives. 

Annual Impact Reports

Be among the first to receive updates on the impact of your giving.

First-See Stories

Stories that hit this group before anyone else.

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Join HeartStrings, our monthly giving community, below.

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