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We love sharing stories of impact and insights from our frontline team members and global partners. Stay up to date on God's global Kingdom work and how you can join in prayer.

Strength Amidst Challenges

E*’s life has been tough from the start; losing her mom when she was born and her dad starting a new family meant her grandma became her primary caregiver, but E* doesn’t let tough times bring her down…

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A solar dream come true featured image

A (Solar) Dream Come True

First Love team members, Tim and Cleo, operate a ministry to children of inmates in the Philippines. Due to the massive drought, many areas supplied by hand pumps had lost their water supply with the receding water table. They would also endure lengthy power outages sometimes three times a week…

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News from Ukraine

Our team members, Daniel and Janna, and most of those partnering with them, have returned to Ukraine. They are happy to be back and serving, but the Ukraine they once knew is much altered. Across the country, the war rages on and leaves crippling effects in its wake…

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Love through the years in Kenya Featured Image

Love through the Years in Kenya

First Love has been in Kenya for more than 20 years and as a result, has had the privilege of walking beside many children into their adult years, loving them through unspeakable tragedy and obstacles, and towards healing. Children like Lucy…

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MASA Ati School

MASA Ati School is just one of the many ways First Love International is compassionately surrounding the most vulnerable with wholistic, Jesus-saturated love. Located on an island of the Philippines, MASA is a Christian school specifically for the tribal Ati people group…

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Open & Closed Doors

Over the past year since I received the baton of leadership at First Love International, I’ve been hearing amazing, first-hand stories of dramatically transformed lives from around the world…

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