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How We Work

We compassionately surround the most vulnerable with wholistic, Jesus-saturated love.
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Globally, the most vulnerable are often hidden away, abused, outcast – voiceless. They are in cities and rural areas, and most communities worldwide. We work with carefully chosen local partners to compassionately identify the most vulnerable and ensure those with the greatest needs receive the care and support they need. Together, we address the complete person, rather than focusing on a singular need. Through wholistic care, the most vulnerable can thrive.

Our Approach

We work with local partners to compassionately surround the most vulnerable with wholistic, Jesus-saturated love. Connecting experts in the field with the local church and global believers, we want to see God’s people activated into God’s work all around the world. We are committed to the long-run, monitoring, evaluating, and ensuring that the care provided through these programs and services operate in health and sustainably for years to come.

Ultimately, the results are in God’s hands, but we desire to see our MVPs (most vulnerable people) become thriving disciples of Jesus who are immersed in community and using their gifts for the benefit of others.

Mutual Partnerships

First Love International

The First Love team and Board seek to strengthen, expand and safeguard this strategy.

Engaged Donors, Churches, Foundations & Other Volunteers

We invite our partners to resource, strengthen, and expand elements of this strategy that fit their God-given interests and skills.

Aligned Local Ministry Partners & Churches

Our local partners provide frontline care and management, including collaboration with local municipalities.

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The Philippines

Compassionately Surrounding

The Most Vulnerable

Our MVPs will receive care that addresses all their needs, not just one. Whether educational, physical, spiritual, justice-focused or anywhere in between. All care is given special attention toward ensuring it is saturated in love that points to Jesus in word and deed.

Thriving Disciples of Jesus

While ultimately in God’s hands, the hope for our MVPs is for them to arrive at a place where they are able and desirous to use their gifts for the benefit of others, including the most vulnerable.


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