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A (Solar) Dream Come True

First Love team members, Tim and Cleo, operate a ministry to children of inmates in the Philippines called Ina-Inakay. Due to the massive drought, many areas supplied by hand pumps had lost their water supply with the receding water table. They would also endure lengthy power outages sometimes three times a week – and up to 14 hours!

Recently, thanks to the support of a generous donor, they received funding for a photovoltaic plant – a solar to electric power production facility. This was a long-awaited dream come true for Tim and Cleo, and all those they minister with.

Now, with the hybrid power plant, they have battery storage and water – and can even make ice – to combat the sweltering heat of the Philippines. Metro Manila is known as one of the highest heat index cities. Some schools were starting to close down due to the heat.

Operator and Water Truck

Tim and Cleo can freely pump water from their deep wells, not only for their plants, but for 9 neighboring areas that desperately need water, as well. Four days of the week, their truck takes 800 to 1,600 gallons a day to surrounding homes and to a nearby partner elementary school.

Read more about Ina-Inakay, and how this ministry is surrounding the most vulnerable with wholistic care and Jesus-saturated love:

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